Thursday, 19 October 2017

bird of the year goes to....

David Lange nuclear free nz

What happened: In 1985 1st of March David Lange got invited to the Oxford Union for a debate

What he said: David Lange does not want to have nothing nuclear new Zealand starting from 1987

Their registration companies to entail the stance of an opposing a weapons of mass destruction

All countries have a silent treaty and that is a known fact

Another reason why there is no nuclear power in NZ because people will get diseases and die

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Don't do it it cost to much money and there's no point because you have to pay to drive on the road

As you see in the diagram we think that road should not be built because it could ruin the environment and plus people would the greenstone on the beach so we’ve decided that the road should be built but from queenstown to milford sound and also the road would cost more money from haast to milford and it would ruin the view if the road was built from haast to  

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

term 4 goals

Goal 1:
Write SMART goal here
Why is it important to you?
Lochie wants to be able to finish his passion project elephant volcano half way through the term with a sheet of our recording
Goal 2:
Write SMART goal here
Why is it important to you?
Lochie wants to get better at speed skills multiplication and division level 4 and get the high score of 50 by the end of term 4

rainbow warrior boat

For this social studies event we had to write about the french government spies.

When it happened: 1985 july the 10th

What happened: in the auckland harbour where Christine Cabon bombed the rainbow warrior boat  

how it happened:She flatted with green peace she said she wasn’t a spy and she wasn’t who she said she was a spy new zealanders new her as Frederique bonlieu she stuck 2 bombs to the side of the ship when they were leaving the auckland harbour one on the generator and one on the main engine

When they went diving and planted the bombs when they were finished they hid all their equipment

The were going to put bacteria in the fuel but then they didn't.

Monday, 16 October 2017

1981 springbok tour

Held at: Rugby park hamilton (Waikato Stadium)

How it started: the Springbok said the coloured people can’t play because they didn't want to touch the black people because they're that racist

What they were doing: they got a plane and made it circled the park and where dropping smoke bombs flour bombs and flares and one of the flour bomb hit gary knight and made him fall

How did New Zealand break the rules: They broke the rules because the commonwealth countries were not supposed to play the any south african teams

How one the game that was interrupted: The springbok was down by one 18-19 with 15 minutes left but the game got cancelled caused of Smoke bombs, flares, and lots of other violence, it got too dangerous for the players one of them got hit in the head by a bomb. So they stopped the game and the teams went into the changing room with a final score of 18-19.